• Question: how do you make the best sort of dam?

    Asked by MikkelB to Chloe on 11 Jul 2020.
    • Photo: Chloe Carter

      Chloe Carter answered on 11 Jul 2020:

      Good question! The dams I look at are made of wood, sometimes they are made of dead trees or branches that have been cut, or they can be made from wood that look like floorboards. These dams can be built in all sorts of formations including “X” shapes, or like arrows but most commonly they are like little wooden walls. The main aim of these dams is to slow down flood waters so for this they need to be leaky, this means that they let through some water but not all of it. Unfortunately, due to lockdown I haven’t been able to go into my lab since March, so I don’t have any results on the best type of dam yet. To make the dams for my experiments I use wooden doweling form places like B&Q and craft wire and wood glue. I use photos of dams I have seen in real life to then make the dams for my experiments. I hope that answers your question