Guess Who: Insect Edition

National Insect Week is happening 22nd – 28th June! 

Why not play ‘Guess Who? Insect Edition’ with scientists and entomologists as a fun icebreaker at the start of your I’m a Scientist live chat?

Before the chat

Group Leaders

Book your live chat – we will send you a confirmation email with login instructions to share with your youth group

Ask everyone in your group to pick an insect and find out some facts about it. They should be creative to make it a challenge for the scientists!

Young people

Choose an insect for the scientists to guess. Research some interesting facts and make sure you will be able to answer questions about it in your live chat.

Your Leader will give you instructions for logging in to the Summer Zone and let you know when your live chat is.

During the chat

Login to the Summer Zone and go to CHAT at the top of the page

At the start of your chat, a moderator will give you and the scientists instructions

They will pair each young person up with a scientist, who will try to guess the insect by asking YES/NO questions

After every insect has been guessed (or the scientists give up) that, the group can ask the scientists any questions they want. It’s a great opportunity to find out about different science topics and careers.

Group Leaders can download a transcript after the chat ends.