Benefits of taking part

“It is brilliant! The scientists are all so engaged with the kids, they are really quick with their responses and are very positive and friendly with the kids too.”

Feedback after a live chat, May 2020

Benefits for group leaders

You’re in control:

  • If you’re taking part with a group of young people, you get to see who has logged in and what questions they’ve asked.
  • You can download transcripts of live chat sessions.

It’s secure and safe:

Everything’s designed for easy, online access:

  • Signing up is quick and easy
  • Young people can log in at any time to read scientists’ profiles and send questions in ASK.
  • Young people create their own accounts using a link you create. This will take them around 10 minutes; send it to them the day before your chat, or earlier.
  • You book chats for times that suit you and your group, or join open chats.

It’s free to take part:

  • Thanks to our funders, you do not have to pay to take part.

Benefits for young people

They stay connected

  • Taking part in I’m a Scientist helps them stay in touch with each other, and with group leaders.

They see science in the real world

They discover new careers they didn’t know existed

  • Young people connect with scientists from a diverse range of backgrounds, disciplines, and industries.
  • They see scientists as role models, and start to see themselves in similar roles.

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