Loneliness Awareness Week

Loneliness Awareness Week takes place from 15th-19th June.
Marmalade Trust started the first Loneliness Awareness Week four years ago.
The aim is to encourage people to speak about loneliness

We are inviting people to have conversations about loneliness with scientists and psychologists.

Live chats will take place every day from the 15th-19th June at 2pm in the Summer Zone.

Anyone can login with social media and join the chat.

Teachers & Youth Group Leaders

Join any of the Loneliness Awareness Week chats with your class or group. Chats are at 2pm daily from 15th-19th June.

Log in to the Summer Zone with your existing account, or use social media.

Need an account? Register here to take part with your students or youth group

Psychologists & Scientists: Join Loneliness Awareness Week chats

Chats are open for 1 hour and you can drop in for as long as you like.

Need an I’m a Scientist account?

Sign up now

Already have an IAS Stay at home account?

First, add your account to the Summer Zone (you need to be logged in for this link to work)

Then accept the chats on your Dashboard or just turn up to the Chat page at 2pm on the day.

Alternatively, email support@imascientist.org.uk to request access to Summer Zone.

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